Every photographer has a private photo project. Projects focus attention, teach valuable skills, improve technique, and open your mind.

My first project is a p365. This means, I try (try!) to take a meaningful picture every day.  That's easier said than done because many of my days are spent indoors homeschooling my older boys, picking up my younger kids from school, ferrying them to their sports lessons, grocery shopping, cooking... Just like any mom's day.  The purpose of the p365 is to train one's perception of the everyday and work under the most dismal of conditions (think long winter nights with no natural light!).  This year, I am focusing on iPhoneography.  I post my images on my Instagram account and on my Facebook pages.

Another personal project is the Barbie Leg.  My kids were the inspiration behind this project. There was this random Barbie leg floating around in my house.  It kept appearing in strange places and I kept putting it into my daughter's toy box. One day, it mysteriously appeared in our fruit bowl. Exasperated, I told my kids I'd take a photo proof and post it on Facebook.  They thought that was a hilarious idea. Thus, the Barbie Leg Project was born.  In the meantime, the Barbie Leg has its own Facebook fan page and a devoted group of followers.